On this page you’ll find descriptions and materials for courses I am teaching or have taught recently.

English 270: Reading Videogames

A lower-division, general education literature course in analyzing videogames. Topics include videogame history, rules, aesthetics, ethics, identity, community, narrative, and games in popular culture.

Spring 2016: / syllabus /

Fall 2014: / syllabus / player inventory / videogame analysis assignment / gaming literacy narrative / multiplayer project (blogging) / metareview assignment

English 700: Introduction to Composition Theory

A graduate-level course introduction to composition studies for the composition MA and certificate programs. Topics include writing process, invention, revision, audience, genre, assessment, literacy, discourse community, language diversity, new media, teaching with technology.

Fall 2013: / syllabus /

English 708: Teaching Writing in a Digital Age

This course introduces grad students to the uses of digital technology in college composition courses, and the impact of emerging technologies on both writing and instruction. Topics include the instructional uses of new media/multimedia texts, wikis, blogs, social networking, gaming, and popular forms of user-generated content, plus teaching writing online.

Spring 2016: / syllabus /

Fall 2013: / syllabus /  course blog / new media text assignment / presentation guidelines / techno-literacy autobiographical narrative /

English 890: Composition Research

A master’s-level course on qualitative research methods, meant to help students design and conduct their own small-scale research projects. The most recent version of this course focused more on teacher research, and involves a pilot teacher inquiry project.

Fall 2010: / syllabus / prospectus assignment / dissection assignment /

Fall 2009: / syllabus / lit review slides / methods section slides / presentation assignment /

English 898: Thesis Research

A workshop and advising course for composition MA students researching and writing their theses.

/ syllabus / thesis project timeline /

English 800: Rhetoric for Composition Teachers

This master’s-level course introduces students to the history and theory of rhetoric, as well as the use of rhetorical principles in the teaching of composition.

/ syllabus / reading report / portfolio /

English 705: Composition Pedagogy II

A course for future composition instructors focused on course design, response to student writing, and evaluation.

syllabus / textbook review assignment / annotated bibliography / research essay / course portfolio /

English 214: Writing in a Digital Age

This second-year composition course starts with having students maintain a blog on a particular topic of interest, and culminates in a more traditional research essay. Many of the course mechanics are built around features of gaming, such as experience points and achievements. It also emphasizes rhetorical theory and practice.

Spring 2012: / syllabus / charactersheet / blog quest / revision quest (1) / revision quest (3) / blog series / portfolio guidelines  / slides: rhetoric and blogging / slides: genre of blogging /

Spring 2011: / syllabuscharacter sheet / blog quest /

Fall 2010: / syllabus / course metablog / blog series assignmentportfolio assignment /

English 114: Writing Ethnographically

This first-year composition course focuses on using ethnographic research methods to study a local subculture. Students in the class write ethnographic essays based on that research.

/ syllabus / choosing a fieldsite / essay one / essay two: observation / essay three: interviews / peer conference guidelines / final ethnographic essay / portfolio / reflective cover letter /


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