Workshop on the Composition Masters Degree

Note: The folks over at Inside Higher Ed wrote up a nice summary/discussion of this workshop.

If you teach in a composition MA program, teach composition at community college, and/or have graduated from a comp MA program, the following CCCC half-day workshop might be of interest to you. Online registration is closed, but you can register on-site, and there are still plenty of seats left. Please email me if you would like more information.

The Composition MA Remixed: Preparing New Community College Faculty, Addressing Diverse Student Needs

Workshop Organizers: Kory Lawson Ching, Tara Lockhart, Mark Roberge, Sugie Goen-Salter, Jennifer Trainor (San Francisco State University)

In this workshop, we hope to make the work of preparing students for community college teaching visible by inviting faculty who teach in MA-granting institutions, faculty at community colleges, and recent MA graduates into dialogue with each other. We expect our proposed activities will address a series of rich questions:  What is the relationship between theory and practice, and how can we imagine the balance between them? What role does the graduate student’s own writing and research play in MA education? What roles do reading, new media, and writing across the curriculum play in community college curriculums and how can MA education best attend to these issues?

To address these questions, our workshop brings different stakeholders together to discuss and generate possible models for successful MA education.  Our objectives are: 1) to provide a much needed forum to discuss the needs and goals of MA students in composition; 2) to make visible the work of preparing graduate students for teaching composition at the community college by talking with community college faculty; 3) to discuss key aspects of composition MA programs (core courses, culminating experience projects, teaching writing at the MA graduate level); and 4) to invite participants to share and reflect on productive changes in programs that participants have or may implement.  In addition to sharing knowledge and generating possibilities for better preparing MA Composition students, we aim to begin a publishable statement concerning these goals that could more broadly serve our profession.

This half-day workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, March 17, from 1:30-5:00.


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