the shape of things

After a brief initial flurry early in the summer, I’ve let this blog lie fallow. I have my excuses, like a cross-country move, with its seemingly endless packing and unpacking, as well as other logistical crap you have to do when you’re setting up house in a new place.

But, really, blame the long interval between posts on the fact that I haven’t really been thinking about teaching much. That’ll change soon, though, as I gear up for the new year. I’m at a new institution, and I expect to have plenty of stuff to write about as I stumble my way through unknown territory.


3 thoughts on “the shape of things

  1. K, totally random and unrelated I know, but somehow I came across a photo of you, Prof. C, and Baby C. I think it was a magnet stuck on Prof. C’s filing cabinet. The cabinet was moved into the office of a friend of mine, and there the picture was. Baby C (more like toddler C) is on your shoulders, it’s sunny, and there’s some green in the background. It seemed wrong to just throw it away without talking to you first so, whaddya want me to do with it. Sincerely,

    Confused in Champaign

  2. You can keep it, or toss it. I think I know the picture you’re talking about, and I’ve got a digital copy of it somewhere.

    Funny how life’s ephemera show up in unlikely places.

  3. I don’t think I’ve asked, but am quite certain that my library does not provide this service, which I will miss. But I think they’ll pull stuff from the stacks and I can pick it up at the desk, which is only a five-minute walk from my office. What I’m more concerned about are all of the books to which I had access, that may not be available here. Old books, especially.


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